The way to Take away Rats within the Loft

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Rats within the loft are a worrying signal for any house owner as a consequence of their propensity to unfold illness, injury property and steal meals. Worse, rodents within the loft point out that they’ve unfold deep into the property, forming a community all through your partitions. To cope with rodents it’s will be helpful to first determine the kind of rodent earlier than addressing structural points after which coping with the rodents themselves.

Sorts of Rodent

Within the UK, the commonest kind of rat is the brown rat, adopted by the black rat a distant second. As omnivores, these rats will eat practically something and are keen on burrowing; therefore, in city areas they’ll enter properties for shelter and heat, which often happens on the finish of the summer time and autumn when the climate begins to show. Of the 2, the black rat is extremely agile and might usually be discovered inhabiting the higher areas of buildings, whereas the brown rat is extra more likely to follow decrease ranges.

The 2 rats will be distinguished by their size, weight, physique proportions and facial options with the brown rat considerably bigger (40 vs 24cm lengthy) and heavier (500 vs 200g) with small ears and eyes and a slanted snout. In contrast, the black rat possesses massive ears and eyes and a pointed snout. Unsurprisingly, its physique is slender with its tail longer than the remainder of its physique, therefore the distinction in weight. The brown rat is the alternative with a thick physique and tail shorter than the remainder of its physique.

brown vs black rat comparison
Rattus rattus is the scientific identify for the black rat, and Rattus norvegicus for the brown rat. Image credit score: Sponk licensed beneath CC BY-SA

Of mice, the commonest species present in UK properties is the home mouse adopted by the intently associated discipline and yellow-necked discipline mouse. The home mouse is especially problematic as it might probably enter dwellings at any level of the 12 months. Concentrated in rural areas, the sphere mouse will not often enter properties, though might pose an issue to farm buildings. The home mouse can simply be distinguished from the sphere mouse by its color with the previous gray and the latter a sandy-orange.

A visible comparability of the sphere (L) and home mouse (R). Observe the distinction in color. Image credit score: Hans Hillewaert licensed beneath CC BY-SA

Considerably smaller than rats, mice can survive on a mere three grams of meals a day and even go with out water for important intervals. They’re all glorious climbers and might multiply shortly. The home mouse, for instance, can produce as much as eight litters a 12 months with a gestation interval of solely 30 days. Therefore, we advocate you act shortly to resolve any rodent drawback.

Security Precautions

Rodents carry a variety of illnesses, a few of that are lethal and others airbourne. Therefore, aside from sporting gloves and utilizing a facemask, we advocate you air out any house earlier than eradicating carcasses or excrements.


Rodents are often recognized by their droppings or the sound of crawling, scratching and gnawing, though can be recognized by chewed wires or pipes. Basically, rats are extra audible than mice and you’re much less more likely to hear the latter crawling. Brown rat’s droppings are the most important between 1.5-2cm, black rat’s as much as 1.5cm and mice lower than zero.75cm. In case you are having hassle finding your intruders, you should utilize rodent tracker mud to determine their comings and goings and help lure placement. 

Addressing Structural Points

Rodents, together with different pests, can enter your property by small cracks within the brickwork. They’ll enter your property by climbing shrubs and bushes, and black rats might enter your loft straight. Therefore, we advocate you seal any cracks with insulation foam and reduce overgrown vegetation. Rodents will usually first take curiosity in a house as a consequence of overgrown gardens and quick access to waste. Therefore, it is very important preserve your garbage tidied away.


Primrose has over 10 years’ expertise growing pest management merchandise and provides a wide range of options to rodent infestations, divided into medical and humane options. Of all our merchandise, we’d advocate ultrasonic repellents. They work by emitting ultrasound waves, inaudible to people, however painful for rodents, who use this frequency to pay attention for predators. Disturbed, they’ll transfer out of the neighborhood of the sound. We provide each battery and mains powered repellents, of which the previous will be helpful in case you wouldn’t have a socket in your loft.

Our battery-powered ultrasonic rodent repeller is ideal for lofts and camouflages as a smoke alarm.

Medical options embrace mouse and glue traps. Within the overwhelming majority of instances a mouse lure will kill a rodent immediately, so they’re humane in a way. Glue traps are extraordinarily efficient and work nice in tandem with typical traps. Nonetheless, the key drawback with medical options is that they not often present a long run answer as killing current rodents merely makes room for brand spanking new ones. Therefore, we advocate you begin with any ultrasonic repellent, earlier than shifting onto these options.

In case you are utilizing ultrasonic repellents, it is very important first give it time to work after which seal cracks in your property to permit room for the rodents to flee. In case you plan to simply use simply medical options, it is very important first seal your property. In the end, it may be helpful to make use of all three options in tandem which have confirmed to be extremely efficient in coping with the worst issues, and considerably cheaper than counting on skilled pest management options.

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