A two-story extension plan for an exemplar bungalow!

We all know that bungalows get a little bit of a foul rep, as they’re at all times battling towards a stereotype of being a bit quaint or too simplistic, however if you check out the two-story extension plans that one architect created, particularly for a bungalow, we predict you will be completely transformed to the concept of 1! 

The earlier structure of the property in query was completely dire. A 3-bedroom indifferent property, the bottom ground showcased two bedrooms, a lounge, a utility room, a kitchen and a toilet house, whereas the remaining bed room, a research and a storage space was housed below the eaves.

It is really unbelievable to see how a typical one-floor dwelling can be completely modified by the seemingly easy addition of an extension, so let’s check out the drawings and see what could be achieved, with a bit imaginative and prescient and design genius!

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